Frocktober the 8th and into the looking glass

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This is what happens when you don a polkadot frock.

  • (These bullet points accessorise my dress well, don’t cha think?)
  • You suddenly wander off the beaten track with your hubby and kids.
  • You drive through the Kinglake Ranges and soak in the expanse of burned landscape from bushfires past.
  • You stop in Kinglake for a quick picnic at a temporary playground. The bush is growing back and new homes are being built but your children ask you about the fires. And tornadoes. And floods. Did I mention earthquakes and tsunamis?
  • You continue to Healesville and visit the beautiful Healesville Glass Blowing Studio. Your children stand mesmerised by the artists blowing glass in their studio. “We haven’t had a child break a thing here. Mums with big handbags do” she tells you with a big grin. You stand for a long time, colour, glass and light being transformed by the artists at work.
  • Later, you sample malt and sniff hops before your children follow a mischievous bird Ibis to a creekbed. Your youngest leans over into the creek and lifts some water to his mouth.
  • Then, your children sit quietly doing activity sheets and drawing while you wander around TWMA looking at artwork – and it dawns on you that you must have done something right.


I’m wearing dresses this month to raise funds for Frocktober, so that research into an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer can be supported. I just increased my target to $500 as you donated $310 in my first week. Amazing. Enjoying these posts?  You can donate here.

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