Frocktober the 9th re-invention

#frocktober the 8th
Jelly Gold

Last night the boys and I re-invented some of what we saw at the Glass Blowing Studio by making jelly and holding the bowl up to light. Looked pretty. Tasted great.

Today I wore a frock which has been worn and re-invented many times as work-frock, party-frock, casual-frock and for part of today…house-frock. This little black dress – which is more like a french navy slip- is probably beginning to look a little tired, so once Frocktober has finished I’ll be on the lookout for something just as versatile. Perhaps I might find another one at the Cat’s Meow.

When it comes to the creative things in life, how important is re-invention to you?

premanent state of reinvention

Gaping Void's Permanent State of Reinvention


I’m wearing dresses this month to raise funds for Frocktober, so that research into an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer can be supported. I recently increased my target to $500 as you donated $310 in my first week. Amazing. Enjoying these posts?  You can donate here.

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