Google less

I went to a conference yesterday by the AIIA on marketing predictions. While we started with Peter Williams from Eclipse (Deloitte) giving us a web 2.0 showcase: user-driven content, joy-of-use sites, mash-ups, hacking and good examples of user experience – the second presentation on “how to get google to love your website” left me stumped.
We are entering the “golden age of the networked economy” where users want to have more input and control over content but…

should we have incredibly long lists of search query text at the bottom of our screen and change the wording on our sites to bad English because Google says so (cos it makes us come up on Google searches?)I dont think so! Feels like a search engine dictating how i look at sites? I don’t want to see back end stuff on the front, even it it is marketing spiel.

The more I use web2.0 the less I google. As much as I love it, I also love tagging and find half the stuff I need using social bookmarking, twitter and blogs. I would prefer to visit a site recommended by others, than a site recommended by the site-creators.

Maybe soon Google will have a 3rd search option.
Search: tagged content

What do you think?