Happy Mother's Day

You know you’re a millennium mum when

  • you discover the head of a Ben 10 Alien creature  in your handbag at work
  • your six year old asks for the “dot com dot au” version of everything he likes
  • he writes a  URL  on a piece of scrap paper before he writes a sentence
  • your four year old asks you to look up websites and interact with TV programs using your iPod Touch
  • you look up missing ingredients for recipes on the same iPod in the kitchen, and use it to listen to podcasts whilst ironing for your family
  • your two year old knows how to use the Wii, probably better than you do
  • you breathe a sigh of relief when your four year old decides to create a hand written letter for a friend and wants to deliver it personally
  • you blog or tweet about such things

two of my boys swinging on bike racks
my three sons on the beach
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums all around the world who are making a difference, in so many ways (including my exceptionally creative mother.)   Hope all you millennium mums are having a wonderful day!

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