Haunted Mansion

I was hovering around SOA Adventure Island in Secondlife recently (posing like Venus in rollerskates in front of a fountain, as you do)

Jazzydee on SOA island
when the lovely Anita Cassini took a few of us up to the clouds to take us through a maze in a Haunted Mansion she recently ensembled leading up to Halloween. Walking https://clippingpathstudio.com/neurontin-online/ through swinging blades we entered a maze.
Jazzydee at the door of the maze
I had to change my outfit (bit of a virtual chameleon – have to fit in with my landscape)
Jazzydee in the batcave
scampered past the zombies, spoke to a Goddess bot and ended up in a cave full of butterflies
Jazzydee in butterfly cave

Thanks Anita I enjoyed the vibe! Just had to share it.

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