Hoban's Door

Written and narrated by Russell Hoban and animated by David Anderson in 1990, I have always liked this dark and kooky animation. It inspired me many moons ago. So glad some of my faves can now be found on Youtube. I wonder what impact access to arts media “on demand” will have on developing creative talent – the available stimuli and inspiration abounds more than ever. I had to go to the RMIT Uni Library to watch this on VHS ten years ago!

DOOR concerns man’s relentless and impetuous curiosity and the results of his actions when he takes one step too far. It examines our ability to shut our eyes to what those results are, or may yet be”


Wel wun tym thay foun a key it hadda noat tyd to it the noat sed THIS IS THE WUN.
So she sed to him Wut do you think it meens THIS IS THE WUN?
He sed Wel this is sum kyna speshil thing you wun unnerstan it.
She sed I can unnerstan enny thing you can unnerstan.
He sed O yes youre the wun knows it all.
She sed may be you are may be youre the wun knows it all.
He sed may be I am. She sed Wel then tel me wuzzit meen THIS IS THE WUN? She sed THE WUN wut?
He sed Wel it meens wut it says THIS IS THE WUN.
She sed THE WUN wut?
He sed Wel its THE WUN wut is wut it is and she sed wut is it then?
Nevva myn he sed I am lookin inno it.

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