Hooroo IBM and so I go

Hooroo IBM
And so I go
Ten years I’ve worked with you

A job awaits
And so I go
I’ll miss the global crew

Bloggers afar
Facebook friends
Their thirst for innovation

To hear what’s next
For wonderwebby
Stay tuned to this station…

And so it goes, it’s true… ten years, four different jobs and three children later!

So…why resign from a great job which I get to do part time and partly from home?

It’s just time for a change and the perfect opportunity came up. I’ve been able to work with some great minds locally and globally, and I’ve  had some valuable opportunities to  contribute to some really innovative programs. But I’ve also been thinking about how I want to spend some more time with my boys and how I’d like to pursue some of my own creative endeavours. The perfect opportunity came along and I just had to say YES!

So…what’s next?

I’m scaling back my work hours and focusing on my family.

I’m going to continue exploring the wonderful webby things, community, art, technology and social media for social good.

And, I’m going to be working as the Problogger Publishing Producer for Darren Rowse, managing production of the Problogger, Digital Photography School, TwiTip and Feelgooder ebooks and courses, something I’m really excited about! I’ve collaborated with Darren in the past on some of my social media fundraisers and have a lot of respect for his approach to blogging, communication and community.

So…what’s it like leaving a corporate job after ten years?

Telling people that I’m moving on hasn’t been easy. Ten years is a long time! Even though I’ve also worked for small and medium sized businesses, I’ve become familiar with the people at IBM, the company and the way that a large company like IBM works. Still, I’m really looking forward to a change of pace next year and the opportunity to work with Darren. As one of my mentors said to me “You’ve blogged your way into a blogging job!”  I suppose you could say, he’s right :-)