Hooroo IBM and so I go

Hooroo IBM
And so I go
Ten years I’ve worked with you

A job awaits
And so I go
I’ll miss the global crew

Bloggers afar
Facebook friends
Their thirst for innovation

To hear what’s next
For wonderwebby
Stay tuned to this station…

And so it goes, it’s true… ten years, four different jobs and three children later!

Tangzhai So…why resign from a great job which I get to do part time and partly from home?

It’s just time for a change and the perfect opportunity came up. I’ve been able to work with some great minds locally and globally, and I’ve  had some valuable opportunities to  contribute to some really innovative programs. But I’ve also been thinking about how I want to spend some more time with my boys and how I’d like to pursue some of my own creative endeavours. The perfect opportunity came along and I just had to say YES!

buy Pregabalin online uk So…what’s next?

I’m scaling back my work hours and focusing on my family.

I’m going to continue exploring the wonderful webby things, community, art, technology and social media for social good.

And, I’m going to be working as the Problogger Publishing Producer for Darren Rowse, managing production of the Problogger, Digital Photography School, TwiTip and Feelgooder ebooks and courses, something I’m really excited about! I’ve collaborated with Darren in the past on some of my social media fundraisers and have a lot of respect for his approach to blogging, communication and community.

http://hotelmadhuban.com/madhuban-highlands-mussoorie/studio_room So…what’s it like leaving a corporate job after ten years?

Telling people that I’m moving on hasn’t been easy. Ten years is a long time! Even though I’ve also worked for small and medium sized businesses, I’ve become familiar with the people at IBM, the company and the way that a large company like IBM works. Still, I’m really looking forward to a change of pace next year and the opportunity to work with Darren. As one of my mentors said to me “You’ve blogged your way into a blogging job!”  I suppose you could say, he’s right :-)

42 thoughts on “Hooroo IBM and so I go

  1. Ric

    Congratulations, Jazz! Sounds like a win-win for you and Darren. Leaving a large employer can feel a little like losing the security blanket, but I doubt you’ll regret it!

    We’ll definitely have to catch up soon – I’ll shout you a bubbly to celebrate!

  2. wonderwebby Post author

    @michael thanks so much, you’ve really encouraged me at IBM with your passion for web2.0

    @Ricardo thanks!

    @Ric thanks Ric much appreciated & I look forward the bubbly – we’ll be dropping by Adelaide soon!

    @PlanningQueen hi Nicole – yes I can’t wait to put more time into NetTuesday next year amongst other things

    @servantofchaos cheers Gavin. Something tells me I’m going to enjoy 2011!

    @Richard T thanks Richard and yes I did consider that option but really feel like I’ve made the right decision :)

  3. Luis Suarez

    Hiya, Jazz! Woohooo!! These are wonderful news, indeed! Congratulations on the huge announcement! Yeah, I know 10 years in a large corporate environment can be quite an experience! Thanks for letting me be part of it and I surely look forward to keeping in touch! Darren was one of the few folks, back in the day, whose blogging and writing inspired me to start my own blogging behind the firewall and then make the big jump into the Internet blogosphere!

    I surely agree with above comments on a win-win situation for both of you and I surely look forward to interacting plenty more! Way to go! Congrats on the new adventure and please, please, please, don’t change! Do keep things going at being awesome! :-D

    Best of luck!

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      thanks @elsua! Thanks for being a mentor for a while there. Really appreciate you being part of my IBM experience – your enthusiasm is always contagious!!

      1. Luis Suarez

        Hiya, Jazz! Well, I am not too sure who mentored who, to be honest, Jazz ;-)) It was a superb experience and I do know that Darren is getting some top-notch inspiring goodness all around! Enjoy the new adventure and please don’t be a stranger; we are still a comment or a tweet away from each other! Hope to meet up in real life at some point, too! :-D

        Till then, keep having fun!

  4. Karl Roche

    Well done Jazz.. this is so you. Your perfect job, Darren is very lucky to get you. Congratulations.. no need to wish you good luck, years & hours of preparation make that phrase redundant.

  5. Shai Coggins

    Hey, Jasmin. I’m happy that you’re excited about this new adventure that you’re taking. Changing directions can always be scary. But, no matter what happens, it’s always worth the risk when you know it’s the right thing to do at the time.

    As someone who has worked and partnered with Darren in the past, I’m sure that you’ll have a very interesting and exciting time. You’re in good company with him around. :)

    I wish you all the best! And, I look forward to some collaborations with you too! :)

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      thanks so much Shai, hope to see you in Adelaide sometime! You’re spot on – it feels like the right thing to do right now for my family and myself and I’m really looking forward to working with Darren & the ProBlogger team :-)

  6. Allison Reynolds

    Well done… I too just left IBM after 10 years to pursue life on the interwebs. The siren call of entrepreneurship has been beckoning for years and I have been planning my Great Escape for quite some time.

    Take the good from IBM (the obsessive documentation, skating where the puck will be not where it is, the common-ness of being an IBMer) and leave behind the corporate headaches (things taking a million times longer than they should, too much talking and not enough doing, and working with people who don’t share any vision).

    Here’s to your (and my) non Blue future!

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Thanks Ethan – have really enjoyed collaborating with you especially on the Greater IBM Connection blog – makes me realise what a great alumni we have & that we are as you say still connected!

  7. Andy Piper

    Happysad. Jealous. You have been and I think always will be an inspiration. Darren’s gain and your new and exciting challenge is very much IBM’s loss. But it’s absolutely and totally the best possible thing that could have come along. Enjoy!

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Andy you encourage so many people through your passion for social media and your social bridge building – including me. Not sure this blog would be here otherwise. Thanks and see you ’round!

  8. Karen Tipping

    I will never forget how you inspired me to launch into the social media arena many years ago! You have continued to inspire me ever since. You have been such a wonderful, warm and giving friend to me, and I can’t wait to learn about your next adventure.
    Love Kaz xxx

  9. Georgia Watson

    Jas, Good on you for being brave enough to make the move. We will miss you but cant wait to hear about the new job as it progresses. Looking forward to that catch up over bubbles. Lots of love. G

  10. Farnham

    Am I always the last to know? There are so many FB News updates, and no time to peruse them all, and I’m old….. Congrats to one of my oldest ‘new friends I’ve never met’. You are the ring leader of those who share the vision of a truly brave new world, where all are peaceful avatars, and where work and family and friendships coexist. Can’t wait for what’s next. Can you?

  11. Howard Smith

    Jasmine – Congratulations and best of luck. It’s not only a win/win for you and Darren but a win for all of us who know and got to know you via your online presence. As I scan the list of folks commenting – many of whom I’m honored to say I know / work with / am connected to ‘socially’ on the web – I feel like all of them and me have benefited directly from your engagement online.

    I’m looking forward to following your exploits at ProBlogger with Darren. Be in touch.

  12. Des Walsh

    So delighted to hear of the move. I’m sure Darren is relishing his good fortune in being able to attract you to work with him. You are both such admirable people, in your values, intelligence and willingness to have a go at something new. Such a formidable combination can only produce good. And those boys of yours will surely be super pleased. Every good wish.

  13. Delph Remy-Boutang

    Hi Jasmin, I was thinking of you and saw your comment on Adam’s blog … I didnt get the chance to say Congrats on your role back in December, so let me say it now… I hope all is well with you and your boys. Keep in touch !

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Thanks Delph! Yes it’s shaping up to be a wonderful year, and whilst I miss some of the great peeps and appreciating how much I learned at IBM, I’m really enjoying this new chapter :-)

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