How I started making ebooks and something about trying anyway (a late night eleven eleven eleven post)

I was looking through some old draft posts today, hoping to find some inspiration for my next NaBloPoMo post, when I found a dusty old draft about ebook creation. Which got me thinking…this year has been pretty wonderful, working part-time managing the production and development of ebooks for ProBlogger.  Darren’s a great boss, the scope of work is always enjoyable and I get to work with some brilliant authors and team members…all from the comfort of my own home. And part of the reason I got here is through ‘trying anyway’.

Keep creating, keep trying

Producing media has been something I’ve been interested in for a long time. I moved interstate when I was young because I hoped to publish a magazine. I didn’t know much about it, but I rang up a publishing company anyway… and got a job. A few years later in the late 90’s I found myself managing production of CD-ROMs and websites.  I still love to learn about new ways of publishing creative ideas, particularly those that inspire change. But it was really once that I decided to create an ebook for a cause, that I got into ebook creation.

Give and keep on giving

Gavin Heaton and  Drew McLellan inspired me with their Age of Conversation ebooks. They offered the opportunity to write a chapter for books which were sold virtually and on bookshelves for a cause. Anyone could join in, and as nervous as I was about writing something so publicly, I submitted a chapter. I honestly thought people would laugh at my chapter, but thankfully nobody did!

Dream big and begin with what you have

Later, when volunteering for a microfinance project I got in touch with women around the world who were using technology to make a difference. I contacted them through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn asking if they would contribute to a virtual project – an ebook! I wasn’t sure if they would reply, after all they didn’t know me….but many of them did. They provided sentences and photos initially, for slideshare ebooks. Then other women joined in to provide content for a larger ebook I later gave away for free on, to raise awareness and funds for microfinance. I made these ebooks in powerpoint, I didn’t have an editor or designer, but I had a go and thankfully it paid off.

Do something new no matter what

Yesterday a friend of mine wrote ‘Bravery is not being unafraid. It’s being afraid and doing it anyway. Because it’s the right thing to do.‘ I’m grateful that I gave things a go and had the encouragement of friends and colleagues around me to write that post/review that chapter/ask me to collaborate. Sure, there were things I would have done differently and there are always skills I want to improve. But it’s led me to a point where I’m very happy doing what I do.

I continue to participate in projects like NaBloPoMo now and then so that I can make something new each day – no matter what. Even if that means that I don’t get it right every time. Some days I can’t find the words or I don’t have time to post until I’m ready to sleep (like now!) I could make every excuse not to create, if I wanted to. But I know it’s good for me, so I try anyway.

Like this…which was going to be my post today ...


Photo taken on the move at 11.11am on the 11th of the 11th 2011 (walking to the deli, after we had paused to reflect at a cafe for Remembrance Day)——-

4 thoughts on “How I started making ebooks and something about trying anyway (a late night eleven eleven eleven post)

  1. Naomi Creek

    That’s wonderful Jasmin to have been involved in those projects :) You were meant to do ebooks! I’d love to talk to you more about micro-finance. I totally agree with giving things a go too. The past year has been big for me too, with getting out of my comfort zone. Joining the Arthritis Victoria board of directors for one and doing talks to community groups has really given me new skills, a whole lot of new friends and I feel great that I am contributing to helping a great cause :)

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Hi Naomi, sure thing let’s chat about it next time we meet up. Not always easy to ‘give things a go’ is it? You’re making a difference in the lives of others by doing so. Happy for you Naomi!

  2. Johanna

    Hi Jasmin,

    I really love the ProBlogger eBooks. Especially the design. My question is, which tool do you use for making the eBooks? I would like to make some eBooks for my children, so I would be glad to know what’s the best tool for making them. Ans since yours look so perfect…

    Thank you in advance,

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