How would you describe this brand?

This is a bit of an awkward post. You see, recently a couple of people have mentioned the ‘Wonderwebby’ brand to me during conversation.

Brand? What brand?

To be honest, I keep forgetting that I have a brand at all.

I see it as:

a blog which I have been neglecting,

photos which I don’t take often enough,

fundraising which I should do more of,

a fortnightly Tiny Letter ‘Creative Notes’ which is all about bringing creativity to life,

freelancing and working on a job which I love; producing ebooks and events for bloggers, photographers, entrepreneurs and creative people,
Gina Milicia workshop

It’s abut the things I love (and wish I could spend more time learning and writing about)

art and design,

social media,

family and motherhood,

looking after yourself,

pursuing your passions,

found objects,
Gone Mining


non profits,

Daisy chain time


food and healthy eating,
We made pizza. We ate it. Even a dessert pizza. All gone now. Too quick for Instagram!


learning and curiosity,

living authentically,
Gorgeous #Autumn leaves on our walk this afternoon #latergram


…and sharing the things which inspire me, things I admire, and not being afraid to share ideas on the interwebs.

I can try to work out what this brand is, and what I should focus on.
But what I really want to know is what Wonderwebby means to you.  I’m really curious to find out, so I can make this blog better for you. Also, I tend to be pretty hard on myself, so it helps when I get some feedback!

Your opinion matters to me. Without you, this wouldn’t be a blog :)

It’s awkward, because it feels a bit like I’m passing a piece of paper and pen around the room and asking you to write a word about me. That’s not my intention. And I’m certainly not asking for back-patting. Any feedback is good feedback. If I don’t ask you, then I’ll never know!

So here goes….how would you describe my brand? What would you like to see more of?

*passes the pen and paper*…