I want my social media candy

In my last post I mentioned the importance of sharing what you know:

Regardless of where you want to position yourself in social media in the future, you can make a difference where you are right now, by sharing what you already know. In addition, how can you build up a core competency and weave social media goodness into it?

social media candy

Little Lola guards her social media candy,
dreaming of the day she will be a social media rockstar

Image courtesy of virtual chameleon Iron Fillings

Consider your role, your area of expertise and ask yourself how you can sprinkle some social media wonderment? If you know something about the benefits of social media and social networking within the enterprise (or wherever) are you sharing it with your colleagues?

Example 1. My (very clever) husband was able to a case study group at Uni to use a wiki. He didn’t just send them a link. He uploaded material that was doing the email rounds, then sat down with them to demonstrate how to use it and won them over. They started using the wiki straight away for their project. No more manic email sending and sorting.

Example 2. As Kerry McGuire points out in her recent post on Learning and social media, the company we work for has a program & community called BlueIQ where we are able to volunteer as Ambassadors for social media. We have a community of people around the world who share what they know with others, a wiki with information and case studies – and I am trying to make a more concerted effort to create short informal session with my project team members, my own colleagues and other groups I am connected with by booking some dates in.

It doesn’t take much to make a little bit of social media work. You don’t need a grand plan to share a little bit of knowledge. How can you make it work where you are right now? Are you guarding your candy or are you investing your knowledge in people who will benefit?