If I didn’t blog

If I didn’t blog…

I don’t think many people would notice

But I would miss blogging.

I could write on paper or share elsewhere

But I’d miss my blank canvas.

I can think of lots of reasons not to blog

But I must concede, it’s good for me.


If I didn’t blog…

I wouldn’t take as many photos

Or play with words quiet as often

And I wouldn’t have a platform

To use for other voices.

Who’d think when I set up this space

I’d become so attached

To something so virtual?


Disclaimer – I write in haste for NaBloPoMo I had to write something, so there you have it!



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5 thoughts on “If I didn’t blog

  1. Damana Madden

    Blogging is a different medium to writing in a diary or posting a thought to Twitter or Facebook. It is a solid act of articulating our thoughts to make them real or to remove them from inside ourselves.

    I used to wonder about who I wrote for and who even read it. In fact, I still often do.

    The thing is that all that matters is you. The beauty in your thoughts and words may be sprinkled sugar on our lives but it’s meaty and important in yours.

    Please do keep blogging. I am subscribing today because you expressed very well thoughts I sometimes have.

    I will read you.

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