If I had a blog I would write about all kinds of things

If I had a blog I would write about all kinds of things.

I would write about the possibilities. The good things. About the ways we can use the interwebs for social good.

If I had a blog I would write about being a part time working mum. About “balancing” work and life –  time with my husband, raising three young boys and enjoying life. I would write about the things I cook. Everyday moments. The ways we use the web everyday. The journey.

I would hope to share beautiful things;  photography, design, art, moving words and the moving image. Interesting things. I would even join in creative challenges, just for kicks.

If I had a blog I would feature the incredible people who inspire me.  The artists and animateurs who use their creative talents to bring value to communities around the world.

I would write about exciting and innovative things happening at work. Colleagues who are making a difference through technology. Communication, marketing, I.T. and leadership. And even some of the things I learn and enjoy about social media.

I would look forward to reading your comments and the ongoing virtual conversations that would enrich our meeting face to face.

Yes, if I had a blog, I just might write about such things.

If you had a blog, what would you write about?

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2 thoughts on “If I had a blog I would write about all kinds of things

  1. wonderwebby

    hi Shai. I missed this comment, so nice to see you! And I do enjoy your blog :) Our local supermarket now sells fresh crabs so once I get up the courage to cook them I’ll have a go. I heard freezing them first puts them to sleep? Oh the humanity!!

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