In the style of Megan Morton


@megan_morton presenting with some help from @sophiethestylist at @theeststudios

(Megan Morton inspires, supported by Sophie the Stylist)

In my mind, people are more important than things; experience is more valuable than acquisition.

Only problem is, I’m a visual person! I’m not one to be wooed by status symbols, but I can’t help but be enticed by a room, scene or page filled with elements of design.

Creativity is something we bring to our lives, our homes, our photographs and even to our tables through the things we make.

So, although I’m not a stylist – on Sunday I took myself along to Megan Morton’s masterclass to hear her explain how to think like a stylist. It was held in Glen Proebstel’s studio “The Establishment” which was like a candy store for the visually inclined.

She was natural, graceful and put everyone at ease. She shared her polished and poised creative knack with us and I felt like I was inside her brain for the day! I’m still on a creative high and keep writing down ideas.

Here are some of the gems she shared with us.

buy Pregabalin online uk Get on Instagram for raw styling
Take it from someone who used to use film strips and polaroids to proof ideas, Megan loves the instant, accessible and candid nature of Instagram to take and share images.

Cruzeiro A picture is not just a picture
Research and preparation make the picture what you see. Image creation is an artform. When everybody’s zigging, you have to zag a bit.
Always look for new ways of making, creating and seeing.

Know your colour cues
The colours you use in your creative work, your “colour cues” are often already right in front of you. Colour schemes you might have been exposed to in childhood. The blue of the sky. The palette of experience. Think about the colours that resonate with you.

Styling is a reaction to a group of things
When you find the thing that gives you goosebumps…that is exactly what you have to chase. Use those goosebump moments as inspiration to draw upon for the creation of your image/scene/room/look.

Inspiration can be found hidden everywhere
Go to the place where you think inspiration won’t be found. ie not just in the books/authors creators that you know. Megan spoke about time spent away from the obvious places and instead, booking out a room at the library and looking at new and old resources.
Surrounded by shapes @megan_morton

(photo taken inside The Establishment Studio. Note: a circle to be found amongst the squares always creates visual interest and balance!)

Thanks Megan. I really enjoyed your Style Masterclass. I’m already playing with new ways of seeing things. I brought some flowers inside and pulled some books out of the study and propped them around the house to be enjoyed.
Thanks @megan_morton for a wonderful day yesterday and for reminding me to bring flowers inside the home. Lots of ideas and things going on after your Masterclass yesterday. Thank so much x

How about you? Do you like to zig when others are zagging? Do you like to play with ideas? What can you do to bring out these creative traits?

3 thoughts on “In the style of Megan Morton

  1. Lisa wood

    I am starting to learn to experiment with taking photos! And it feels so good to play with the camera and see different views from different angles.
    Sounds like you had heaps of fun with Megan :)
    Love your flowers.

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  3. Cheryl from BusinessChic

    Thanks for your notes – I am such a Megan Morton fan-girl!
    I went to a calligraphy class that she hosted at The Establishment Studios earlier this year – it was CRAZY gorgeous and pretty much changed my life. Isn’t it amazing the shift that “adding a little beauty into everyday” can make?

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