Information Galaxy

What has Wonderwebby been wondering about? My mind has been wondering and wandering the milky way of social media. I’ve been thinking about information aggregators and the determined yet haphazard way I hop between information, clickety click, lickity split. Dip in, dip out, weaving a thread of conversation through my web hopping antics. Email and RSS, Feedreaders, wikis, blogs, Twhirl and Instant Messaging, Friendfeeds and Flocks, Facebook, podcasts, videos, virtual worlds and social networks. I’ve been thinking that we are somehow missing the mark in creating a seamless interface of interactive, personal, flexible, conversational streaming information.

glowing orbs
Photo by the Paper Boat

It’s a new information paradigm. We want access to information and networks that are alive. We create interfaces that aggregate all of our feeds. It’s noisy. At times we need to turn the noise off and create filters. And then these filters could have some kind of fuzzy logic. Imagine you are typing something and your feeds of information start to filter through recent discussions, postings and people related to your content. Then as you explore – you create a virtual golden thread of navigation, a kind of timeline of interaction that you can swing along, planting stars amongst your very own information galaxy. Perhaps using your avatar in a Tron-like experience. Okay, now my mind really is wandering. And reading Feed yesterday didn’t help tame my imagination. But I do wonder what a better user experience might be like, in the context of an information galaxy with stars that sparkle and shine – and many others to find.

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