Information Overload

It’s easy to mistake busyness for productivity in this wonderful webby world of social media. Let’s face it, when you follow multiple blogs using RSS feeds, communicate using Twitter, manage your in-box to keep it at inbox zero, contribute to other communities, social networks and wikis – you have an abundance of engaging information and conversations…..or a recipe for complete distraction.

So for those overwhelmed with information and social networks, here are a couple of pointers.

10 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers
There were some nice tips here for Bloggers (hat tip to Chris Brogan on Twitter), including using your feed reader as an in-box, and writing more than you publish. In a nutshell:

  1. Write more than you publish.
  2. Turn off auto-notifiers.
  3. Check emails less often, but deal with more when you do.
  4. Write as much as possible when you’re feeling creative.
  5. Use your feed reader as an all-in-one inbox.
  6. Process different types of tasks in batches.
  7. Work out a ‘To Post’ list.
  8. Spend less time reading feeds.
  9. Sketch posts before filling in the detail.
Five boundary setting tips for the work-obsessed
Quoting Seth Godin’s post on the passionate worker, Anne Zelenka wrote:
  1. Choose flow-inducing hobbies that really engage you and pull your mind away from work.
  2. Set goals in your personal life just like you do in your professional life
  3. Schedule dates with other people for non-work activities.
  4. Use tech boundaries to separate your work and your life.
  5. Decide your “no”s in advance.

As you can see, it’s easy to implement a few time management basics like setting personal and professional priorities, making time to manage your time and information, preparing to embrace the unpredictable (life, work….and blogger’s block) investing our time wisely and sometimes, well, just doing nothing !

Quiet setting
credit: August Boehm

3 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. Solanio7

    I like that list, WW. I think for myself, I tend to ignore blogs and such often and then play catch-up. I think I need a better mechanism since the information overload can be overwhelming at times when I resurface from work.

    And I just wanted to say – what a fantastic photo. One of yours?


  2. wonderwebby

    Hi there Solanio! So nice to have you drop by, sometimes I forgot who is reading this blog so it’s nice to get a comment from you…two in fact! Glad you found the links helpful.

    Yes the photo is lovely, taken in Japan by my brother. I am trying to get him to move all his pics to Flickr. You can see more pics through the link under the photo.

  3. Karl

    I tend to use my feeds now as passive research. If I have time I may go through them, when I have a particular interest I’ll search through them, when a topic is being discussed at work I’ll do the same.

    Yes and the auto-notify got switched off long ago… bored me to death getting those all the time.

    And flow inducing hobbies, cycling this year has made so much of a difference to my mental health it is untrue.

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