Information Vortex

Is the force of the information vortex sucking you in?

Social media is fun. Especially for people like me who are click-happy and love a graphical interface and personality to information. What might appear to be a frivolous timewaster (again, like the web 10 years ago) is actually giving me some control over the sometimes volatile nature of the information vortex. A central point of virtual gravity, if you like.

The thing is, I find I am helping others to understand social media is there to “work for you, not *make* work for you”. A little blogging, a little tweet, engage in some interaction and see what (more) pertinent information comes your way. Harness the tools with your team and see how it could improve your social dynamics and knowledge management capabilities.

The first step is demystification, removing the geek mystique. The next is to empower your employees with the tools, a code of conduct, and time management2.0. Finally, it needs to be said that people need to feel confident, to find their own voice, a reason for posting information. Empower others to express and innovate in a collaborative environment of trust and relationship. The power of a collective is only as strong as the individuals therein.

No doubt there is still room for improvement to the tools available. Wikis need to have a better GUI, perhaps more akin to Facebook publishing. Info-portals (graphical RSS templates) to personalise groupings of wikis, blogs, tweet-groups links and personal requirements. Still, I would rather use these tools than email most of the time.

There are many benefits of using social media – so if you feel like you are spiralling out of control in an information vortex, put on your web2.0 jet boots and make the move towards a future of expression and innovation.

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  1. wonderwebby

    Hi Jen nice to see you here! And even better, I have now discovered your little corner of cyberspace. Everything seems so serendipitous!

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