Inspirational Refuge Just because it is the Easter long weekend, because Amy’s photos have inspired me and I am “parking the brain” for a few days…

buy Lyrica online uk Here are some photos from the Heide museum of modern art (founded as an”idyllic refuge of inspiration for artists and intellectuals” from the 1930s through the 1950s) – one of my favourite places in the whole world. My visit to the gardens today was rushed, but energising and inspiring.

where do i buy accutane sculpture

seed pod

Heide II lines


More here.

Heide I plant tree sculpture

I haven’t experimented with photography for a long time. Back in ’93 or so I was offered a job as an apprentice photographer with a photography studio, to assist with weddings. I didn’t take it. Still, it was very enjoyable to look at life through a lens again today. I plan to do it more often.

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4 thoughts on “Inspirational Refuge

  1. amypalko

    Wow, those textures are incredible, and I love the geometric shadows of the beams! I’m so glad to have inspired you to take more photos and to experiment with what images you can create. Photography really does have the power to open us up to our environment, and increases our awareness of everything that surrounds us. I look forward to seeing more of your photos :-)

  2. Shai Coggins

    Yay for more photos! Love the textures here. I’m always fascinated looking at photos of things that seem like ‘everyday stuff’ – but get transformed beautifully through photos, paintings and art. Looking forward to more of your pics.

  3. wonderwebby

    Thanks, it really was enjoyable being out there. Give me a reason to do all my shopping online so that I can do this instead.
    It’s also a very inspiring environment – so many things to look at!

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