Inspiring Artists

When things look good, I love to look. Many thanks to Roo Reynolds who posted the following artistic Secondlife machinima by AM Radio on Eightbar.


Also kudos to my former lecturer John Power for this magical machinima.

I think it just goes to show the potential for creative types to bring a special aesthetic quality to 3D virtual worlds. I really think we have only seen the tip of the creative iceberg. That really excites me.

I wonder what kind of virtual world networking events are happening to introduce artists to worlds like Secondlife? In 1996 I set up some forums between artists, designers and multimedia technical folk through AIMIA (Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association.) The purpose was to showcase the latest and greatest from pioneers in the interactive media field. It would be great to see a “how to secondlife” session for artists at Horse Bazaar – which reminds me I only have a week left to see best of the independent games festival at ACMI


If you have a chance, take a look at how these artists interpret the gaming metaphor.