Three Ways to Count on Interruptions

As any mother will attest, parenthood is full of all kinds of interruptions.

Something like this…

look at me mom

So, I’m making a concerted effort to count on interruptions this year. Yes, I’m planning on being unfocused. At home with my hubby and these three amigos, and at work. Totally. Distracted. Interrupted.

three boys by the river

It seems we spend so much time figuring out ways to getting things done, that we try to find ways to avoid distractions. But I’m embracing the good distractions as a way to limit the more unpleasant distractions.

Setting up some interruptions for 2010.

So here are some things I have done to count on interruptions this year. It’s my “Distraction a-la-mode”.

1. I have stacked up several particular books I plan to read or re-read (You might be interested in this post on reading a book per week this year) along with my notebook for ideas. I’m reminding myself to read them – even if only 20 minutes at a time – when I want some time out. It’s easy to get distracted with other things, games, TV etc and before you know it you’ve spent 20 minutes doing nothing. Which becomes an hour or two per week when you could be doing something.

2. Setting up my columns in Tweetdeck so I am “interrupted” with useful information on Twitter from some wonderful people. Last year I used a loan laptop for a while. I missed my Tweetdeck terribly and dipping into a conversation of 2000 people every day was too much for this Wonderwebby. Now that I have my own laptop again, I still dip into the general conversation as there is lots of interestingness to be found. But I need to use Twitter lists and Tweetdeck to serve up the most useful information and to stay connected to the lives of some lovely peeps.

3. Setting up snail mail reminders. Putting cards and stamps in my glovebox so that I can write cards before school pick-up. I have one friend in particular who has reminded me how special it is to receive a handwritten note.

Of course there are a gazillion ways to count on interrupting yourself. Like turning the wifi off your computer so that you can get through the work you need to (you will still find other interruptions I’m sure!)

This week however, before I go back to work, I plan to be interrupted by family, distracted with new ideas, and completely preoccupied with noticing the people around me :)

What kind of distractions do you hope to set up for yourself this year?

As an aside: I’m thinking of finding a weekly Flickr challenge to stir my imagination this year. Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Three Ways to Count on Interruptions

  1. Karl Roche

    I get interruptions all day from the kids. Seems that when I work is the time they want to play, especially with the computer. I’m gonna get back to my desk with some crazy tweet being sent sooner or later.

    The snow has proved a great distraction at the moment and having decided to roll with it, and the kids, we built snowmen and had a great time. I also felt a lot better having taken a decent length lunch break.

  2. wonderwebby

    Hi Karl. Most of my interruptions seem to involve food. They want food when I’m cleaning up the dishes from their previous meal/snack. Heh!

    The snow looks amazing. We have seen how this blizzards have had you snowed in and closed schools etc. Hope you get some relief soon! We’re on the other end of the heat spectrum here – very, very hot! (41c on Monday)

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