It's OK with me if you don't look like your face

Hello! It’s lovely to see you. Really, it is. But it’s OK with me if you don’t want to look like your face.

Maybe you want to appear upside-down for a change. Or perhaps your 3 year old told you that his crazy scribble with googly eyes looks just like you. If you want to look like a cartoon character, a sunrise, a monkey or a polkadot, that’s OK with me too.

The thing is, when you change your face, I get to see another side of you. I’m won’t get upset or feel like I can’t find you any more if you do. Because hopefully, I’ll recognise your voice through our conversations and the value that you always add to my day.

Of course, sometimes it’s helpful to see your face, like just before a TweetUp, or if you’re inviting me to be involved with some kind of project. Sharing your smiling face can be a friendly and genuine gesture. And besides, your face is beautiful.

But, I just wanted to say, it’s OK with me – if at times you feel so inclined- you don’t look like your face :)

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