Jumping In

You’re issued a challenge (to coordinate an event.) You don’t think you have time and you are already feeling a little stretched by your other extra-curricular activites. It’s been a while since you organised something like this. It seems like a mammoth task to achieve.

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But you say yes. Because you know the event will be of great benefit to the company. You don’t know how you can make it happen – but it all comes together. You find five wonderful speakers through your social netowrk. They help you out, you plan it collaboratively online and everybody puts together some excellent presentations. It’s complete. A new community is formed and you sense this is the beginning of great things for the company.

And then you think. I could have made it bigger. What I thought was huge was really not that big at all. Aim higher. Dream bigger. Get there faster.

Yesterday a friend posted me sent my husband his copy (which I am conveniently reading) of Jump In by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice.) “It’s about taking action”. Burnett writes “Nothing will ever be perfect, and nothing can be totally planned. The best you can hope for is to be half certain of your plan and know that you and the team you’ve assembled are willing to work hard enough to overcome the inevitable problems as they arrive.”

A couple of years ago I ran with an idea and turned it into a small business. It was a great experience, even though I made the difficult decision to close the business later because I realised I had other, bigger dreams to chase and needed some focus. But jumping in, saying yes, having the courage to believe in yourself and your ideas despite your own concerns or criticism…it’s a great lesson to learn.

Do you have an opportunity you want to explore? Are you ready to jump in? What’s holding you back?

2 thoughts on “Jumping In

  1. ringlerun

    must be a good friend to post you such a good book ;)

    i think the only thing that holds us back is us! very usually, we “assume” issues, half of which never arise when we start, and the other half of which can and should be solved as they arise.

    too often, we plan too much… if you’re building a spaceship, plan for years… makes sense, you can’t afford to get things wrong at launch… but if you want to call a friend, don’t say i’ll do so in 3 weeks (unless there is a reason to delay it), just pick up the phone and call them… if you want to go to dinner, stand up and go… if you want to start a business… go the website immediately and start finding out what’s needed and start the process. too often, we think to much…
    i think we are very good at figuring out what the risk element to something might be… and if the risk is low (like it is with 99% of things in life), don’t overthink it… just jump in :) i think “jump in” helps us live in the “now”, which in itself is a wonderful thing :)

  2. wonderwebby

    yes @ringlerun a good friend indeed

    there are so many times we over-analyse, over-rationalise instead of jumping in. living in the now is indeed a wonderful thing – and you and your family are a living example of that!

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