Keeping Trust

When it comes to creating a social media strategy for employees, it’s so important to have an established culture of trust and authenticity. Relationship is vital for communication of ideas to happen. Trust underpins relationships.

For instance (from my Age of Conversation II chapter submission)

It’s easy for people to talk and connect – when the boss is not around. Establishing a culture of trust is essential before ideas can naturally flourish in the Enterprise.”

You can read The Authentic Enterprise by the Arthur W Page society – really worthwhile. So is this podcast of For Immediate Release by Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz with Jon Iwata, who heads up IBM’s Marketing and Communications. Another hat tip to George Faulkner.

Are you expressing the importance of trust and authenticity in your social computing education and communication?

And of course it has to be said – when it comes to Trust...the expert is really Hal Hartley ;)


RIP Adrienne Shelly

4 thoughts on “Keeping Trust

  1. Gavin Heaton

    That movie still has a warm place in my heart. That is really what enterprises want you to feel, but they really struggle to give you cause. It is that “relationship” thing that is the problem … what is it? Commitment. Hmmm sounds familiar (oh that’s right … one of those Hal Hartley themes).

  2. Michelle Zamora

    Great post. I often hear the comment “who is going to write my blog”…….. the area of authenticity and building relationships through trust is an area that needs focus and really should be part of any social networking 101 course. Thanks for the refreshing look at this issue! A perfect start to the day ;)

  3. wonderwebby

    @Gavin – there’s something special about that movie. I ended up watching more of it on YouTube afterwards. Yes, relationship, commitment….but not throwing technology and people and wondering why nothing is happening. It’s like shoving your employees into a room and saying “ok now….talk”.

    @Ric well whaddya know :)

    @Michelle I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve been enjoying your blog too!

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