Life happens. Keep on creating

You know the feeling…you begin a creative project only to find life gets in the way, or something else comes up?

Case in point: this year, I started life drawing lessons. I spent two terms enjoying my weekly drive to the country and time to nurture the creative side of myself. I set myself a goal of at least joining in the group for one year. My drawing improved. I met some wonderfully artistic people. Then two things happened.

The class was cancelled.

I took on some extra work.

The reason the class was cancelled…well at least put on hold for a term or two…was completely understandable. And in a way, I was relieved because, well, “life happened” and I ended up taking on some (interesting!) extra work, which means I technically have less time for creative pursuits.

Don’t stop creating. Keep on trying, even if it’s something new.

Now, I could beat myself up for not completing a creative project. But there’s no point in that, is there? Or I could join another life drawing class, if I really wanted to. But it wouldn’t be the same as the lovely little group meeting in the community house in the hills with their home made choc brownies. Oh, and the once-a-week online art project I mentioned earlier in the year? I didn’t submit something every week. But when I could, I did.

Life happens all the time. It gets in the way of being creative. Or so we tell ourselves.

See, I like to be creative. I’ve realised how much it energises me. I could say I’m too busy and tired to do anything outside of work, family and everyday life. But when I make the effort…I feel alive! I simply do what I can, when I can.

Embracing creative momentum.

I have a busy few months ahead. But I plan to be creative.

How? For starters, I’m spending an hour each week at the library, browsing through books which fire up my imagination. I’m joining in FatMumSlim’s photo a day challenge on Instagram…which issues a single theme for each day of the month, and being more considered about the photos I take. I’m listening to new music, walking more often, trying new recipes.  I’m using Evernote to capture ideas as they happen…so that, at some point, I can make my ideas happen!
(in a land far...) "far away" #fmsphotoaday

Photo for today’s theme “Far Away,” holding some beloved and some borrowed books with tales told long ago, of places far away…

 But most of all….I’m determined to keep on creating.

Will you join me?



One thought on “Life happens. Keep on creating

  1. Lisa Wood

    I like that you are trying to keep alive with trying new projects and being understanding with regards how life happens!
    At the moment I feel like I am moving in a new direction and I like it.
    Sometimes things happen for a reason, and maybe your art class will start again when you have more time.
    I like the photo of the books….we love books in our house…we go to the library at least once a week :)

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