Life imitates art. The people who help us make it.

Yesterday I walked into a bookshop and inhaled the whole bookstore.

Or something like that. The picture books. The novels. The words. The covers. The stories. I only stayed for a few minutes. But it was refreshing. Invigorating.

Wandering back, walking past a gallery, I thought about painting again. One of the mums from school asked me about art at a birthday party on the weekend “Do you paint?”

“No not since, well, I was sixteen. And a while ago at uni.”

But writing about art makes me want to try again. And so did she. “Ooooh but you should paint, you should”.


Image originally uploaded by Stellah de Ville

Many years ago I met Stellah. We spoke about art and life and media – and about an animation and creative media postgrad. I thought it sounded amazing, but I never thought of applying. “Oooh but you should. Let’s apply together.”

And we did. And I loved it.

This is my  Day 16 entry for NaBloPoMo on the September theme of Art.

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