Life oriented Personal Learning Environments

Back in February I wrote a post about Personal Learning Environments. Michele Martin responded with this great comment.

“In the 21st Century I think it’s really critical that we all have a well thought-out career plan that’s based on an assessment of our personal strengths and passions, a marketing plan that includes a blog and an online portfolio for selling our personal brand, and a personal learning environment for continuous professional development. These are the things that keep us nimble and adaptable and I think that they serve both us and our employers much better”

You can read more on how Michele created her own PLE over on her blog. I’ve been wondering about the (perhaps undervalued) potential for PLEs together with ePortfolios (and even lifelogging) to integrate web2.0 with existing workplace learning and personal development planning. I’m dreaming up a way to have an ambient PLE/ePortfolio utility or system to help me achieve my goals. I’m thinking of something that aligns my personal objectives with my actual learning and collaboration activity. Ideally I’d like an integrated life based learning model – a virtual coaching application perhaps. My mind buzzes with the possibilities. And while I’m still learning- I’m definitely going to keep watching this space with interest.