Little big acts of kindness

People can find all sorts of creative ways to make a difference. Sometimes they don’t realise what a huge impact they’ve made from a cooked meal or some assistance they gave to a friend or stranger . You probably have a story to tell about a “little big” act of kindness from your own life.  You know the one – a simple gesture which made all the difference. I asked some World Vision Ambassador Bloggers about these moments. Some of their stories made me smile and some even made me cry. So I decided to share them over a couple of posts. Here’s part one…


The gift of Hope

My mother taught English to newly arrived Australians, many victims of torture and trauma. She would always bring them on an excursion to our home in the first weeks. My retired father would set the table for afternoon tea and my sister and I would come home from school to a multicultural meet up.

She didn’t need to do this. She wanted to. Somehow she instinctively knew that they needed to see hope and a happy, settled family life before they could learn and start to recover.

by Emma, from The Scoop on Nutrition


Perfect Care

Just over a year ago my little brother’s heart stopped and he was rushed to hospital in Melbourne.

None of our immediate family lived there and although we flew through the night from Sydney and NZ he died a few hours before we all got there. That week our aunties and uncles in Melbourne took turns to arrange every meal, loan us cars and arrange a multitude of other things for over 20 family and friends who came for the funeral from NZ. My uncle’s neighbour even lent us the use of the back of their house and between the two houses we were all able to stay together while we came to terms with the shock of what had happened.

I still look back with such gratefulness that everyone went out of their way day in and day out to make things easy for us.

 By Serena, from How to Retire in 12 Months


 A Moment of Kindness

When my twins were tiny (really tiny being born 11 weeks early) and cried constantly and refused to eat, I used to walk them around the local shopping centre, strapped in the twin pram, for hours on end. One day I had had enough of the rude, invasive comments – people asking me how they were conceived, were they ‘real’, and the millions of ‘double trouble’s. On top of that, this day lots of people had tried to reach in and touch them, to take the dummies out of their mouths… and I was tired and over it, so when an older lady approached the pram I was ready to bite her head off when she said the next stupid thing.

Then she smiled and said “You are so lucky to have such gorgeous babies.” I promptly burst into tears, she put her arm around me and said “don’t worry, it will get easier,” gave me a tissue and squeeze and left. I have never forgotten the fact that she took a moment to be kind to me.

By Kate from


These stories are a reminder of the difference one person can make. All it takes is some action.

Want to make a difference? Here’s a couple of ways. You could change the life of someone who really needs it…right now.

Sponsoring a child through World Vision Australia or

Donate to the West African Food Crisis appeal

1.3 million children there have become malnourished and some 15 million people are facing a large scale food crisis. The need is urgent. You can help.

Because everyone should experience an act of big little kindness.

Sponsor a child

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  1. Lisa Wood

    Wow that is incredible act of kindness. Its so nice to read about other people being nice to strangers, or even friends/family being nice to each other. Sure makes one realise how much good is in the world :)
    Loved reading how kind people are! xx

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