Little feet walk and money talks Lovely day for a kinder walkathon

buy cenforce antibiotic I heard some good news today. You see, we didn’t have a walkathon on the kinder fundraising plan when I joined our committee a year ago. But when I asked a friend about some good ways to raise money, she shared some details about her kinder walkathon and how much fun it was. So, we added it into our calendar, hoping to raise a few bucks. The sun came out last week and we enjoyed a half hour walk through parklands and the kids were so happy with their adventure, their certificate, sticker and stamp.

We thought it might raise a little bit of money – maybe enough to buy a few books –  but as I counted the forms today I realised we raised more than some of our other fundraisers like cookie dough fundraisers and raffle ticket sales.

I really appreciate that people donated money just because their three or four year old child/niece/nephew/grandchild/neighbour walked. It wasn’t about buying any ‘thing’. It was all about the kids. All heart.

And I thought that was pretty special.

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