Live. Play. CREATE.

I’m exploring three themes on this blog in more detail over the next year. So far you might have read about the first two:
Live: being prepared to make a difference before you even get to the “social media” part
Play: preparing yourself to make a difference with social media by discovering and learning.

And now, finally let me introduce you to….CREATE!

Image by Jonah G.S.

I had some difficulty naming this theme. I was going to call it Give, or Connect,  or Activate, and even…wait for it…Shine.
But I finally settled with Create, because creation is such an important part of social media – creating content and creating connections through that content. What do you think?

Create is about using social media make a difference. It’s not just about “how to use Twitter”.  It’s more to do with developing your unique online presence so that you can create positive change.  How can you build up your online brand? How can you raise funds through social media events? Who is using social media to change the world? How can you introduce social media into your organisation? How can you create compelling content to connect people?  I’d love to know what you are interested in for this particular theme.

So there you go. Three themes for 2010. And this is where I’d really like to hear from you. Do any of these themes resonate with you? What would you like to explore further?

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