LIVE. Play. Create.

If you’re interested in making a difference with social media, I hope you enjoy these 3 themes that I’ll be exploring over the next year. In the past I have blogged at whim and inspiration, but I hope to be more focused in 2010 and might even move over to self-hosted WordPress and fix up my site. I have even committed to a blogging  content calendar! Yes, Wonderwebby grows up (well, just a little)!

So,  please let me introduce you to the first theme about making a difference with social media, “LIVE”.

image by Al Dawoud

It’s about being prepared to make a difference before you even get to the ‘social media’ part. How can you make the time? What are the benefits of volunteering? What inspires you to create? What does influence mean?  How can you be more focused? Are you ready? I also hope to share some tips based on my experience over the last several years working part time (often from home) while raising three incredible boys, and how I have used social media to connect back into the workforce and to raise funds for nonprofits.

It’s where I share about setting the tone in your life to influence your digital footprint. Whether you are a nonprofit, marketer, or teacher, whatever you do, I hope you enjoy these posts :)

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Up Next..Play and Create….

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