Looking Beyond

I’m going to eat my own cooking, by responding to the “Beyond” Creative Challenge I set up for Women’s Opportunity/Opportunity International!

So, what does “Beyond” mean to me?

Earlier this year I went on a “date” to the ever charming Fairfield Boathouse with our eldest son, then aged five.

We had a lovely time. We laughed, we ate scones, drank tea and hot chocolate then went for a wander to explore and feed the ducks. On the way back to the car I noticed the Icecream Flowers!!

“I don’t see an icecream” you say. So did he. It’s a family secret, you see. Looks like a regular flower and you could quite easily walk right past it and think that’s all there is to it. But once you carefully unravel the petals you will find a precious teeny tiny icecream cone

That’s a five year old’s hand, so you can imagine how tiny it is. Right inside the fower is a perfectly formed little yellow cone and fluffy white scoop on top. As a child I thought it was absolutely magical and wondered how a flower could turn into an icecream, just like that.

See, to me thinking “beyond” doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to be super-smart. It’s a way of looking at things. I’m very grateful that my mother took the time to show us the wonderful things that can be seen when you apply a new and different way of looking at things, and by using your imagination.

Ultimately, when I think about what “beyond” really means – it’s about providing hope for each person.


So what do you think of when you think of “Beyond”? If you would like to respond to the Beyond Creative Challenge (before December 21st):

1. Be creative.  You could share a story, an opinion, your experience, a motif, a poem, a picture, a short video, a call to action, or…you decide! The idea is to share something that represents a way to think “beyond” and make a difference in the world

3. Place a link on your response to the original post. You could also mention that this is all about raising awarneness and funds for a microfinance project in the Philippines.

4. Verify your entry by commenting on the original post. with a link to your response

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