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I never would have imagined I would end up working in IT. I studied design, media and animation, not computer science! My final year of high school was spent studying drama, art, languages and the token compulsory science subject. IT was never recommended to me by teachers or family as a career choice.

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And here I am, working for IBM. Guess what? I love technology. I’m amazed to see how technology is improving the way we communicate. New media mashes up the medium. Virtual worlds are bringing a new dimension to traditional online interaction. I’m impressed with the way social media helps people to connect with each other, share knowledge and ideas. Purposeful innovation using technology is a wonderful thing. There is so much potential for emerging technologies to improve the way we live, communicate, do business and help one another. Web2.0 has made the difference for me.

Who would have thought working in IT could be so creative?

6 thoughts on “Lovin' Technology

  1. Luis Suarez

    LOL! Fascinating, Wonderwebby! For someone like me, coming from an education background (Graduated as an English Language & Literatury teacher many many moons ago!), you cannot imagine how much in agreement I am with you on this. I never thought I would be working for an IT company and have been here already for over 11 years and still going strong. And what do I like the most? Well, making good use of the technology, specially social software, to reach out and connect with other folks who think along the same way as I do and who I share a passion or two for something specific!

    Just priceless! Technology 2.0 is not the end goal to me, it is just the means to get me in touch with people like yourself. Something that I treasure every day from technology! I cannot longer think what my life would be like without it. Without all of those wonderful people I get to interact with on a daily basis! :)

  2. Gavin Heaton

    Isn’t it funny the way that people fall into their careers! I am always amazed when I hear of the stories of people who had a clear direction and purpose from day 1. It is a completely alien concept for me.

    I started studying accounting, moved to theatre, worked as an editor, went into web design, project management, education and innovation, ending up in marketing. And you know what? It all fits together because the common thread is reaching and understanding people. It is about connection — which is where web 2.0 kicks in — the technology just helps us overcome the barriers that prevent us finding likeminds. It is really about people.

  3. Kieran

    Some of my favorite IBM moments have been when people I work with make that “aha” connection and start (slowly) understanding that Web 2.0 is not about technology but about people. It’s like they’re standing there next to a socket, holding a lightbulb, wondering why it’s dark. It’s so nice to be able to say, “You know, if you would just screw that thing in, we’d ALL be able to see in here.”

    You do that so well, Wonderwebby. Thanks for shining brightly enough for all of us!

  4. Douglas

    I am also an unlikely candidate for being in IT. First it was aerospace engineering, then architecture, and finally science educator–though I almost skipped out of that to go into moleculary biology.

    Now here I am writing a little code and hip deep in IT. However, I never expected not to be.

    That isn’t to say that I am some sort of pronosticator. Just that I’ve always been around computers in one way or another and never expected not to be. They’ve always been there to help me do the stuff I really want to do.

  5. okavango delta

    what am amazing post wonderwebby… you have captured invaluable and (until now i thought ineffable) sentiments in your post…

    isn’t it amazing how creativity needs bounds… even an artist needs a canvas… as a programmer, i actually find the “creativity” in programming immensely satisfying… when you talk to people about programming, they think its all about “logic” … that would be like telling painters, that painting is all about the choice of brush and paint… whereas the satisfaction is in the thought, the inspiration, the design and the art and the flow… and also in the logic.

    i am one that loves what technology brings for people, but one that also likes technology as an end in itself… i love writing programs that might not achieve anything, but as proof of concepts and academic exercises.

    your post wonderwebby, captures an essence an imagination that inspires… thankyou for the always wonderful posts, always inspiration in themselves and yet always inspiring further thought as well. Your skills are obviously not limited to tech stuff :-)

    you should publish your blogs as a book for those that might no be so up to speed with reading online yet.. i think they would inspire a whole generation to try new things.

  6. wonderwebby

    Thanks, thanks,thanks and thanks. Great to hear the other stories too.

    Oki Dee, it’s interesting that you love the people aspect of technology but also acknowledge there is a technopurist in you :) I think it’s great. Not sure about writing a book :p but nice of you to think so.

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