Lovin' Technology

I never would have imagined I would end up working in IT. I studied design, media and animation, not computer science! My final year of high school was spent studying drama, art, languages and the token compulsory science subject. IT was never recommended to me by teachers or family as a career choice.

i see the light
Photo by okovanga delta

And here I am, working for IBM. Guess what? I love technology. I’m amazed to see how technology is improving the way we communicate. New media mashes up the medium. Virtual worlds are bringing a new dimension to traditional online interaction. I’m impressed with the way social media helps people to connect with each other, share knowledge and ideas. Purposeful innovation using technology is a wonderful thing. There is so much potential for emerging technologies to improve the way we live, communicate, do business and help one another. Web2.0 has made the difference for me.

Who would have thought working in IT could be so creative?