Loving life, learning and finding creativity almost by accident

http://fabcare.com/shop/dry-cleaning/perc-solvent/ Creativity happens when you’re living life as only you can. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Maybe because we’re starting to look at high schools for our eldest, which has made us reflect on the definition of success. Maybe because I’m trying to pace my life a little better this year and looking after myself. But I can’t help but reflect on my own experiences and the kind of creative serendipity that happens when you where can i buy dapoxetine in singapore live life.

lenticularly Like this kid. Regardless of the high school or education choice you want to make for your own child…I love how his parents have decided to teach him to embrace life and learning. To be happy.

Last week I read an entertaining, refreshingly honest and fun book about choosing life and adventure, by Melbourne author and blogger Torre deRoche. I reached out to her on Twitter and next thing we exchanged emails, and I asked her about creativity and what happens when you follow your dreams.


Photo by the Fearful Adventurer

“When you’re being true to yourself by pursuing a dream or doing what you love, all the normal doubts, disappointments, and preoccupations that clutter your brain go away. Just like house clutter, this leaves you with a bunch of extra space to play within. A sharp mental clarity emerges, and it’s much easier to find creative ‘flow.’ It’s the difference between trying to create within a noisy construction zone, or trying to create within a peaceful sanctuary.” Torre deRoche, author of Love with a Chance of Drowning.

At the end of her book, in her acknowledgements, she thanks her partner, Ivan… “he taught me that great feats are accomplished mile by mile and word by word, and I’m forever changed by the wisdom and experiences he has given me.”

Mile by mile, word by word, step by step.

I like it.

Yet some of those small steps can seem to be the biggest because they are a step into the unknown, outside of our comfort zones. I’ve found those particular strides happen when I connect with the kind of people who support big dreams, when I’m being true to myself and when I don’t compare myself with others.

What’s your experience?

(PS I’ll be sharing another quote from Torre in my next TinyLetter ‘Creative Notes’. I can’t wait to send it out next week…make sure you subscribe though!)

2 thoughts on “Loving life, learning and finding creativity almost by accident

  1. Chris

    Great post. Loved the kid’s presentation in particular his profound insight on how happiness and creativity should be taught, encouraged and mandated as fundamental school teachings.

    Hack it all the way…!

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