Making paper dance. The video's in the mail. Ever find yourself collecting information a certain way before catching yourself out for being “old fashioned”? So began my day today, back-and-forthing between paper and screen. Melbourne Festival program in hand, coffee in the other, laptop poised to seek any artistic inspiration before booking any tickets. And so it went. Paper. Laptop.

Catalogue. Youtube.

Flick through pages. Search for videos.

Watch video.  Meh. Back to pages.


“I guess they might have these videos on their website”

Nooo. Surely not. Yes indeed. So why didn’t I go to their website in the first place? Oh that’s right, because I ordered cable internet, got a free newspaper deal and hence the paper Festival program. Sure, it might have helped if they had some instruction on those pages, letting me know I could go to their site instead of heading straight to Youtube or Google or whatevertakesyerfancy. Still, catching myself out, I admit,  does make me feel a little Gen X! I’ve even caught myself snapping my handwritten shopping lists to take to the supermarket on my phone recently, because I find it simpler to write the list on paper first. It’s also easier to find it on my phone, once I’m at the shops. (There must be a name for that almost awkward mental shift from paper to web!)

What about you? Do you go-between print and gadgets out of sheer habit?


This is my  Day 19 entry for NaBloPoMo on the September theme of Art.

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