Making Pictures

cheap online pharmacy for Aurogra We’re always making pictures.

where can i buy ivermectin We paint pictures of our past. Create pictures for our future. Dreams. Hopes. Aspirations.

Acireale We imagine. We worry.

And so we focus.

Then we take pictures. Creative expression. Shared interpretation.


I’ve been spending time re-focusing. Asking myself where I want to invest my imagination.

Enjoying the moment. No, not just enjoying. Experiencing.

Being purposeful.

Dreaming big.

Holding vision.

Valuing people.

Being present.

Treasuring time.

Measuring creativity (so that it counts)


I’ve been thinking about how creativity seems to count more when it’s an investment … in others, and even in myself.

I’m not content to just ‘make pictures’. I’m not content to join in another creative challenge, collaborate or meme – although these activities can be helpful creative practice. I want my creative time to be an experience. Thoughtful. Considered. Enjoyable, yes. But valuable.

Two hours each week at Life Drawing Group has been the ‘new’ Creative Challenge, for me. Back to basics!

She held her foot up - life drawing again after a little break. My zen time.

Taking the time to edit my photos before I share them on Instagram. Taking care.

Mo stripes @rosedinerbar

We take pictures. We look. But what do we behold?

Behold a vision.

Behold a moment.

Behold …life.

2 thoughts on “Making Pictures

  1. Lisa Wood

    Gorgeous photos/drawings! And yeah I so need to take the time to get back whats important in life – to me and to my family!
    Time to dream bigger than ever :)
    Thanks for the reminder.

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