More ebooks and ProBlogger’s blogging day I love my job. Sometimes people ask if I design the ebooks for ProBlogger – no, not me. The talented Naomi Creek does that important piece of work. Here are some of the ebooks she has helped us to design recently for ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. Going Pro Kit – how to make money through your photography (although it’s much more than that – ebooks and someĀ  wonderful audio interviews giving guidance on getting your work in front of the right people, setting up your portfolio, showcasing your style.) Kelly Kingman authored the ebook and conducted the interviews. She really did an amazing job.

spread of images from Going PRo

The kit also includgetting published covered an ebook by Mitchell Kanashkevich, called Shelekhov Getting Published in Photography Magazines.

Our ebook team is based all all around the world, so it was great to meet Mitchell and his wife in Melbourne recently. Here’s a photo – but don’t ask what was happening with my shirt (will someone tell that girl to tuck her shirt into her belt!! Then again…maybe it was all of the Vietnamese food I ate!)


ebook team photo

Another recent ebook we recently completed was all about setting up a blog for your business. This was written by Mark Hayward, who was so pleasant to work with. He lives in the Caribbean and we launched the ebook while he was visiting New York. It’s such a mobile world, isn’t it?

Apart from creating more ebooks, we’re also working on a ProBlogger Training Day to be held in Melbourne October 21st. More details to come, but for now you can pre-register interest here. We’re finalising speakers and sponsors, and I can’t wait until it all comes together to create an informative and inspirational day.


Yes, I’m really enjoying my work this year. But as for now, I have to fulfill a “pinky promise” made to my six year old to watch his school swimming activity. Time to fly!

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