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From the Flickr pool (anyone can add a photo) by Penni

Shouting Out from Melbourne Australia to transform communities for

Shouting Out from Melbourne Australia to transform communities

From Amy Jussel of Shaping Youth in response to the last Shout Out post:


I’d like to shout out for ACCOUNTABILITY!

From industry, parents, media/marketing mavens and the youth themselves, we’re ALL stakeholders in taking responsibility for how messaging and actions are uniquely entwined. It may take visual insight and media distribution like this to shout about it…but it’s clearly a necessary element! We all have a role in creating a massive mindshift toward healthier living for our planet, for ourselves…

What will you Shout Out for? Three weeks to go (less if you want your images included in the exhibition, raising funds for a project against poverty in the Philippines)

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  1. Shaping Youth

    You’re awesome, Jasmin. I plan to do a post on Shaping Youth about this very soon, and Bill from NextNow is helping me procure the visual/Flickr art to be included for a slide, as I’m in overload mode!

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