Mother’s Day Weekend

unexpected surprises in three acts


Let there be MARSHMALLOW! #mothersday #autumn #fire

marshmallows in a fire pit


Okay, so I didn't get breakfast in bed, but this is way better. Thanks lads :)

cheese platter from my boys



Aussie Autumn Waves

it doesn’t have to be sunny to enjoy the beach #sundayart


I didn’t even include the photos of the rainbows we saw on Saturday. The cute gifts that my boys bought me from a stand at school. Their big hugs. Or the lunch that my kitchen-shy husband made me.  But I chose these three photos because they were unexpected creative moments over a busy weekend.  The laughter of children around a fire. The gift of a cheese platter prepared by my husband. Walking up close to the roar of a wild ocean, right before we hid under an old rail bridge to escape the rain.

I’m so grateful for moments like these. We could have stayed indoors, because it was cold. But we explored, we discovered, we made fire (yes, I think making fire is creative too!)

What do you think it takes, to make sure you discover such wonderful things?

One thought on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Lisa Wood

    Love to read that you had such a great Mothers Day weekend – love the idea of the fire :)
    We too explore the beach even when its rainy and windy. There is some magical about the water, the sand and the freedom of walking all over it. Great photos.

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