Mother's Day

mother and baby

I’m not one of these women who spent their childhoods dreaming of being a mother or a wife. But here I find myself with a wonderful husband and three young boys. They jump. They make noise. Lots of noise. They sing and dance and paint. They love to make muddy mess (yes even my husband). They heap their affection on me and I on them.

Being a mother – something I never really thought about until I arrived in parenting 101- is an incredible, mysterious and sometimes daunting rite of passage. I now understand some of my own mother’s actions and find myself imitating some of her best child rearing techniques and mannerisms. My mother-in-law has taught me some of her best survival tips and domestic goddess secrets including how to fold pillow cases “properly”.

I don’t find my identity in motherhood. But motherhood is certainly part of my identity.

Tomorrow I’m hoping for a nice sleep-in. Maybe a cup of tea so I can read in bed a while before I get up and open the hand-made presents from my little ones (at this stage I am told these beauties include a cup with something secret inside it, one is purple and rattles inside the packaging and the other is a one year old’s hand stamped into plaster). And I’ll remember how blessed I am to have three wonderful children, two wonderful mothers and one wonderful husband.

So glad I’m a mum. Happy Mother’s Day to me. And to you. And you and you and you.

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