My Favourite Artists If I asked you who your favourite and influencing artists are, who would you think of? Someone asked me that question recently and I could only rattle off a handful of names at the time. It’s a bit like trying to choose the names of the most favourite people you have ever met! But it got me thinking, who are my favourite artists right now? So here’s my list of here’s a list of a few favourite and emerging artists I’m digging at the moment – at risk of leaving some out (please remind me by sharing your faves too.) I admire artists who are not timid to express themselves, artists who push light, colour, contrast, boundaries, and emotions. I’m drawn to composition, shape, and movement. Control. Spontaneity. Rhythm. Art that is abstract, conceptual, dark, light, whimsical and beautiful.

Some of my all-time favourites include Charles Blackman, Matisse, Kandinsky. And artists who create images that hold you, like Rothko. I like Man Ray and Lee Miller. Warhol.  And so many more.

Newer works that I appreciate include those by Patricia Piccinini and Trent Parke. The energy of artwork found at Melbourne DIY publishing house No one Special.

Live @ngvmelbourne #ngvabf

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The elegant simplicity of Marise Maas.

The dynamic movement of Waldemar Kolbulz.

Strolling past #WaldemarKolbusz at @thecatstreetgallery #art #abstraction #hkig

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I’m enjoying the discovery and interaction with emerging contemporary artists on Instagram.

Sally Anderson (NSW)

'Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't', 2016 now showing @small_spaces #bequietblendin

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Laelie Berzon (Melbourne)

Stanislava Pinchuk / Miso

Brooklyn Whelan (Sydney)

'Knights Strike in Neon' 152 X 152cm ⬆️ Show link in bio.

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Agneta Ekholm (Melbourne)

and I’m enjoying watching the account of young Jasper Margaritis (14yo, Melbourne)

The music robot #robot #plants #music #pen #drawing

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What do you think? As much as I love to create art, I also love the idea of collecting art. Just looking at their artwork, I’m inspired to fill up my sketch book with ideas.

Which artwork are you crushing on right now?

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  1. Tess

    I really like your posts Jasmin. I look forward to reading more. It’s nice to share encouragement to be creative … Cheers – Tess : )

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