NaBloPoMo – a tribute to Art

“What we want art to do for us is to stay what is fleeting, and to enlighten what is incomprehensible, to incorporate the things that have no measure, and immortalise the things that have no duration.” John Ruskin (1819- 1900)

Child looking out of bus at city reflections

Image originally uploaded by Darwin Bell

Ever see a creative challenge which jumps out at you, waving *pick me! pick me!* ?

Today I discovered that it’s Art month over at NaBloPoMo – an ongoing daily post per month project. What better way to get me blogging again?  So, I thought I’d share the above quote for inspirational starters.

Now to create a post a day in September on the theme of Art. I’m thinking I might write about art and technology, expression, influences, imagination, conceptual art, playful art, and art with purpose. Maybe. And because it’s already the 2nd of September in Australia, I’ll need to write another post today. Stay tuned….

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