NaNoWriMo Prompt – Contentment

Many years ago I thought I should aspire to feel content with what I have and who I am. And that should be enough.

My children recently told me that I’m fussy
I guess I probably am
This is why I will never be satisfied (for long)
That’s okay
Because it’s a creative state of mind
A cycle of seeking
This neverending shift in perspective
To feel content
Then urged on by altitude
To feel content again

Saturday Reed

Have you ever noticed, that as soon as you feel content and at peace with who you are and where you’re at, life really starts to happen?


Pride in contentment:

You can have nothing and be content, yet be so satisfied with your lack of dependence on anything or anybody that suddenly you have become self-important and better than anyone else.

You can have many things and be discontent, aspiring to achieve certain goals, yet be filled with humility and generosity.


To feel a sense of contentment, you need more than pure acceptance.

Couple it with love, so that you never keep it all to yourself,
Add a sprig of curiosity, so that your dreams never grow stale,
Then nurture it with thanks daily, for each moment is new.


Content to have
Content to have not
Goals without a race
Achievement with grace
Every moment
This moment,
Love and share and know this moment
Deeply, deeply,
In my heart there you are,
Contentment abounding
Love astounding.


Dear Contentment, you are easy to find but hard to hold.

I choose to hold.

Teleportation would be pretty cool, don’t you think?

This is my second post for a month of writing #Nanowrimoprompts

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