NaNoWriMoPrompt: 10 days of places


Vitry-sur-Seine The Beach

And so we spent every second Sunday during Football season, running and exploring boundless sand dunes unsupervised. . My autistic brother and I would wander and roll aimlessly, dig and sing to the ocean breeze; once or twice I thought we were lost for good.

********** A relative’s house

Her walls are covered in decades of beloved artwork. He arrived to join the party, took one look at the walls and exclaimed “Not my taste!”


cheap viagra with priligy Your bedroom

I’m determined to spend more time in my bedroom. 15 years ago when I shared with a flatmate it was really normal to just hang out in my own space. Now, with a husband and three children I’m more likely to be catching up on work, housework, or homework than head to bed early. Last night I went to bed at 10pm. Today, my brain and body thanks me for it.


Up a tree

Up a tree
From a bird’s eye view
Scattered people
The phone comes out
Answering a call, sharing a photo, changing tracks
Then, back on track
From a bird’s eye view
Up a tree



A state of mind
A world of words
A life of learning
A place of being
And in between
Conversations of change
Teachers, students, staff and carers

Who will make the next move?


I bundled my kids into the car after a late flight from Adelaide. The boys were tired and one of them had sore ears from the cabin pressure. After a little whining they eventually fell asleep and I turned on the car radio to keep me company on the drive home. I wound down my window to enjoy the balmy evening air on my drive home. Stopping at the lights in Brunswick, another car pulled up next to me. “HEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY BAAAAAABBBBBE!” they screamed out at me, large torsos leaning out, arms and beer bottles flailing about “WooooohOOOO!”. Four of five guys headed out for a big night on the town were looking at me with big grins, music pumping. Gave me a shock. The kids too, jolted out of slumber, disturbed and confused.

I yelled back without thinking “My kids are sleeping moron!” pointing to the back seat.  I think at that point they realised I wasn’t a twenty-something babe. And I was glad I wasn’t.


By the pool side
On the cool side
Rules slide gladly
As fools glide madly

Pop up pool in Brooklyn


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