NaNoWriMoPrompt – Love What is love, dear eight year old? Love is when you are being very nice to someone.

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One husband. 15 years this year. He tells me he loves me every single day. He’s a good dad to our boys. He’s a keeper.

Three children. Amazing. So amazing.

But I never looked for love like this. Love found me.

My mum and dad separated when I was five. Then my mum and step-dad separated in my teens. Later, my dad and step-mum also divorced. Love was… complicated.

Then we met.

It’s not always easy, but love can take you by surprise. In fact, you can love more than you ever thought possible.


My friend Nathalie  is walking 50km to raise $5000 for some children in an Indonesian orphanage. She has a hip replacement and titanium thigh. Her other hip will be replaced as soon as she finishes this walk. Nathalie loves and cares so deeply.  Nathalie needs more sponsors. She is (always) being very nice to someone.


Being a mum can be FULL ON. But then there are days when your children play with dominoes and turn them upside-down to reveal a special message they made just for you.



I work, because I love. Every day matters, because others matter.

The skills I learn today, the work I produce, the money I earn, the interactions I have…can all be a gift to others.


I love hearing stories of the ways people are using new technology and business to be very kind to people. Love.



This is my sixth post in a month of writing #Nanowrimoprompts. Today’s theme was ‘love’.

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