NaNoWriMoPrompt – Relaxation

Confession: I’m not very good at relaxing for long; I’ve just never been great at prioritising the time to unwind because I enjoy being productive. Then I have to remind myself I have three boys (turning eight, ten and twelve) and a husband who works long hours and a dog,  I work, enjoy seeing my friends and want time for creative or community projects and yes I do need to sometimes stop, unwind, B R E A T H E…..aaaaand relax.

Creativity surges.

You’re more relaxed for your family.

You’re in a better frame of mind.

doctrinally Easy right?

where to buy gabapentin online As a working mum, absolutely not.

But when I don’t stop, everything catches up with me and I’m not effective for anyone, not even myself.

So here’s a trick I’ve learned this year (which I admit, I still have to remind myself of now and then!) Make some time to relax. Then double it.

Go out to dinner AND then see a movie.

Have a soak in the bath AND go to bed early.

Go for a long walk AND read a book.

Add an extra day onto your trip away, just for you.

Know what I mean?

You see, I think us multi-taskers in particular are pretty adept at taking 15 minutes here and there to relax. We relax in a hurry.  Phones ring. Messages alert. People interrupt. Appointments shift.

What you need is a break.

And so do I.

It just starts with making the time to relax.

Then double it.





How will you stretch our your relaxation time this week?


I think I’m going to start by seeing a movie with friends AND making time to see movie with my oldest boy. The laundry can wait :)


This is my fifth post in a month of writing #Nanowrimoprompts

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