NaNoWriMoPrompt – Supermarket Supermarket Overload Internal Monologue or Ode to Decision Fatigue Onset by Shopping Do I really need to go to the supermarket again?

Why are so many people here today?

Where have my recycle bags gone?

What will I make for dinner? Again.

Will my boys want one or two dinners tonight?

Where have they moved the noodles to? They have been in aisle nine for so long and now…missing.

What? They sell clothes now?

How much should I buy if it’s on special?

Was that….mould?

Why didn’t I bring my list? I made a list! I double checked it just before I left. Where’s my list? Again.

If I stand in this line, will the other line move faster?

Do people really buy that?

Is that natural? It says natural. How many preservatives can a “natural” product have?


Which brand I should buy? There are at least, oh, thirty to choose from.

How long have I been standing here looking at all of the things?

I wonder if they know how lovely their smile is/kids are/wrinkles are/oversize shoes are?

Which song is this again? Oh I remember.


Was I just singing out loud?

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