New York, a SuperAwesomeMicroProject and the Fish Slap

What a week! I’m just pausing now to catch my breath and the thought just occurred to me…

…if I never started using Twitter, I never would have started blogging and I would never have imagined that one day I would be working for a blogger – let alone be heading to a conference in order generic Lyrica online New York this year. How amazing is that?

If I had never tweeted or joined in some collaborative blog for good projects –  I wouldn’t be part of an Corinto exciting microproject which started this month. And I wouldn’t know about projects like Nathalie’s Achkhoy-Martan “blogging village to raise a child” approach – which is exciting and interesting as people with a common purpose get together to make a difference.

So what’s this all about?….


1. New Yoooooooork!

YES! I’m so excited to be heading off to New York for a week in August this year! I’ve always wanted to visit NYC so this is literally a dream come true :)  ProBlogger is sending me off to BlogHer’12 (big big YAY!) a leading social media conference for women. It’s going to be very interesting and dare I say, so much fun!

As thrilled as I am, this is also the first time I will be spending a whole week away from my husband and kids (did I mention how awesome my husband is?!)… and very, very far away at that. I know that I’m going to miss them like crazy. Believe it or not it was actually a big decision to take a trip away from them. Buuuut… I think I’ll enjoy a little time on my own in NEW YORK (did I mention I’m excited?) exploring (and instagramming!) an amazing city, meeting some wonderful people and hopefully- at least once – sleeping in for the first time in a loooong time.

Do you have any tips on things to do in New York? Places to eat? Must see places? If you were going to visit New York, where would you like to go? This is my first trip to the US, so I’d really appreciate your suggestions!

Very, very exciting!!!


2 #Superawesomemicroproject

Recently I saw some interesting tweets flying about on Twitter which caught my interest. There’s not much else I can say right now….except that I’m now a patron of this, along with 39 others. It’s a collaborative project from the guy behind this.

I know some other people who have invested in this project through Twitter and blogging. Others, I met for the first time over pizza “project launch” in Melbourne last week. Oddly enough, I have handed some money over to a stranger for – what some may say – is a peculiar project. A very cool, peculiar project. Stay tuned!


3 The Fish Slap

Could a bunch of bloggers help to make a big difference? Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids is very generously having a get-together for 40 people at her home June 5th (in Melbourne.) She’s raising funds on the day for World Vision Australia. You can RSVP or send her a prize that she can auction off on the day. Nathalie is hoping she can get 40 bloggers together.” With forty of us here we can form groups of five contributing $10 a month and sponsor eight children as a community. This amount will also ensure that Angel for the Forgotten and Foundation 18 also receive support or a charity of your choosing.”

RSVP and learn what the fish slap is all about over here.


At the heart of all of these activities…it’s the people that make all the difference. Social media is helping to make that happen. Yes, it’s exciting. That I can be part of this, work from home and still spend lots of quality time with my three kids, is simply awesome.



4 thoughts on “New York, a SuperAwesomeMicroProject and the Fish Slap

  1. Lisa Wood

    Oh my gosh – a week in New York – super excited for you! So can I sneak into your luggage and tag along with you??

    Have heaps of fun. Will you have time to see the sights of New York all will it be a full on week of blogging conferences?


    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Hi Lisa…I know! Thanks for sharing in my excitement. I have 2 days of conference and 5 days of meeting friends, seeing the sights…and eating my way through the city :)

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