Noticing Beauty I’ve mentioned Amy Palko’s blog Less Ordinary here before. I love the way Amy uses her blog to point towards the beautiful, incredible things that are around us each day. She recently issued a photo challenge responding to the theme of “the changing seasons”. Some of the contributions to Amy’s Flickr group are breathtaking. It’s springtime in Melbourne, which means we enjoy summer, autumn, winter and spring wrapped up together in 24 hours. I couldn’t find any blossoms, but I did find these lovely girls in the garden

roses peek from winter slumber, buds awaken nod their heads, dozily. wake up pretty things!
roses peek from winter slumber, buds awaken nod their heads, dozily. wake up pretty things!


And here’s my token Halloween photo, taken down at the beach after a kids’ Halloween party. Overcast, but warm enough to dip your feet into the shallows at Elwood beach. My little monsters had a wonderful splash!

monster beach
monster beach

You still have 24 hours or so to add your photo to the changing seasons challenge (before Sat 1 Nov) which also happens to be the deadline for the Women’s Investment writing (for charity) challenge! Amy sent in her poetic response and photo:

Petal by unfurling petal, a womans investment keeps delivering
Petal by unfurling petal, a woman’s investment keeps delivering

I’m putting together the slides right now…so let me know here or on Twitter if you would like to add your quote! Be creative! And enjoy observing and capturing the incredible things around you everyday…

2 thoughts on “Noticing Beauty

  1. amypalko

    I just have to say that I love your contributions to the challenge and that I always notice the beauty in your photography. You clearly have an eye for it & I so appreciate that you share it both herewith your readers and with Photography Less Ordinary :-)

  2. wonderwebby

    oh thank you Amy, what a lovely thing to say. It’s a pleasure to be involved in creative projects like this :) And it has renewed my love for photography!

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