Of oranges and lemons, beeswax candles and yellow, sweet yellow

A splash of yellow is like happiness to the heart. Golden tones so sweet on a grey day.

A bunch of dazzling roses found for a bargain $4.95 from Aldi. Oranges and lemons given to me by my in-laws. A drip-finish beeswax candle, a gift to me from me :)

Autumn sunlight, perfection.

A bottle of Prosecco, wrapped up in golden cellophane (my new favourite bubbles of choice)
I didn’t buy the bottle, but it was nice to look at :)


A lovely glass of new favourite new bubbles of choice – Franciacorta’s “Ca’ del Bocco” Cuvee Prestige- seated quietly at Caffe E Cucina, served with a snack of spicy savoury biscotti. Heavenly.

You see, just before I was seated there, I was walking down Chapel street with an hour to kill before meeting with friends. I could have spent my time browsing through the retail shops. But instead I took a little aimless wander, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling shopping strip and walking through memories of the ’90s when I lived in the area. After a little while I paused and caught myself paying too much attention to my phone. “What am I doing?? There’s a lovely cafe just down the road. Why not?”

I haven’t been to Caffe E Cucina in such a long time and it was quite wonderful to be greeted with a friendly “Buonasera” and charming smiles of the Italian waiters who happily answered my questions about the wine before the evening crowd started to wander in.

I took time out to be on my own for a little while, listening to the world go by and taking in the image on a postcard of artwork by talented young Thai artist Paitoon Jumee which I picked up at Tusk Gallery on my walk .  The waiter topped up my water and I let the last drops of the wine linger before I headed off to see a movie.

Note to self: must come back again for 15 year wedding anniversary celebrations.

Ah the serenity

A yellowy yellow envelope received in the mail today from a wonderful friend, a note of gratitude, a handmade postcard.
It says, “The extraordinary beauty of ordinary things.”

A perfect reminder.

And tonight, yellow is the colour of saffron and turmeric giving a zing to the Indian food my husband is picking up for dinner. Bliss.

Yes yellow – appreciated, absorbed, and in moderation – is really quite divine.

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  1. Maxabella

    Delicious! I love your words, Jasmin and I’m so happy I found you / your blog after your amazing #pbevent. I can just see you there, making a mundane moment of waiting into this artistic discovery that you’ve shared. The extraordinary beauty of ordinary things indeed. x

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