On my mind. Hope and holding on.

This week I’m thinking about the bushfires, life drawing, a new ebook, Girl Rising, Frocktober, and creative notes.


I have seen the threat of bushfire glowing on the horizon a couple of times. The first time I was seven years old. I wandered across the road to a playground of a large park in the Adelaide Hills during the first Ash Wednesday fires in 1980. I climbed atop the monkey bars and sat, filled with dread as I  looked out to menacing, dark red glow which no longer sat on the horizon above the shadow of treetops, but now took up the whole sky.  Please don’t let the fires come to our house, please keep our school safe.

A few years later Ash Wednesday raged uncontrollably. Although we no longer lived in the hills, I thought of  the countryside, the people, the homes, the farmers and animals, and other kids like me. We watched events unfold on the news. Please put the fires out. Please rain.

We were safe both times. Sadly so many others were not.

The dreadful Black Saturday fires in Victoria touched the lives and hearts of friends. Again the sky…the horizon…I looked, hoping for a sign of safety for everyone.

Now we are hearing about the devastating NSW bushfires and the 200 homes already lost. Today NSW,  you will be on my mind.

Many thanks to the firefighters and volunteers. My heart goes out to those living in the Blue Mountains, those who have lost their homes. To those who will be looking out to the menacing horizon today, I hold you in my heart.

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Photos courtesy of Matthew Willis


Life Drawing

Last week I mentioned that I took a break from life drawing group for a few months because of ‘life stuff’. You know, commitments. Work. Family. Life. But now I’m back and loving it again. When I say love, I mean love-hate. It’s like starting exercising again, or writer’s block. Holding onto the charcoal, trying to figure out how to see again, to get the right angle, the best line. You practice, you progress, and you enjoy the chocolate slice somebody baked. Ah, creativity!


Pet photography

It’s hard to believe I have been working with Darren Rowse and the Digital Photography School/ProBlogger team for nearly three years. Today we’re launching a mini-guide to pet photography, called Snapn Paws. It’s written by Erin McNulty who takes very cute photos of cats and dogs. 

Congratulations on your first ebook Erin, your guide is really helpful and equally adorable! I’m glad I held onto the idea of you writing something with us. It’s always a pleasure to work on projects which give others the opportunity to do something creative too.


Girl Rising

Recently I headed along to the premiere of Girl Rising. It’s a beautifully crafted film about girls around the world, the importance of education for them, incredible statistics about obstacles girls face, and powerful stories including a couple from World Vision Australia sponsor children. These girls inspired me as they held onto hope, or their families persevered,  supported and did all they could for . Emma Stirling from Scoop Nutrition also headed along with her daughter, who wrote about the film and what it meant to her, for Blog Action Day.

Since watching this movie our family made the decision to sponsor a girl through World Vision Australia. One of my sons also suddenly decided he wants to raise lots of money for people living in poverty, so it looks like we have quite a lot to talk about, think about and plan! My heart skips a little, when my boys think beyond themselves. (Most of the time, they are more interested in Minecraft, or sport, or who gets to eat the last piece of cake.)


Frocktober Update

I have 8 days (and 8 dresses!) left to go until the #Frocktober fundraiser ends. Yes, if you noticed I am suddenly in selfie-burst-mode all over my social media accounts, it’s all for an important cause – raising awareness and funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, who are funded through your generous donations.

This year OCRF has raised $183,000 so far through 561 people getting dressed up for a cause. And GUESS WHAT? I have nearly reached my $1000 target. AMAZING! I’m so, so, so grateful for your help so far, and if you can even simply help spread the word about this fundraiser I would be very grateful.

As promised, a frock update: here are the frocks I wore on days 16 to 22!

#frocktober the 16th. Thanks for the recent donations, amazing! https://frocktober.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby

A frock and earrings to match the geometric patterns of Federation Square and I’m headed to a launch. Bargain frock. Not so cheap jacket and boots.

#Frocktober the 17th. Frocking up for Ovarian Cancer awareness and fundraising this month (yes, even on a cold Melbourne day!) wonderwebby.com

Cardigan by day, sequin jacket just for fun! And haircut, phew! This frock is an oldie but a goodie.

#Frocktober the 18th. Granny's necklace https://frocktober.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby $313 to go!

I bought this dress a few years ago for the launch of the Melbouren Uni Centre of Cultural Partnerships. Through my work at IBM I was able to be part of their committee for a year. Oh, and look, there’s my little girl schnauzer, she follows me everywhere!

#Frocktober the 19th. Saturday and snakeskin. More details wonderwebby.com #fundraiser #ovariancancer

Snakeskin at the beach. And brandy. Books. And vintage.

#frocktober the 20th (okay, so technically it's a skirt today!) 10 more days and frocks to go https://frocktober.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby

Yes I cheated, its a skirt. But I bought it in New York last year. And I’m at the beach. I had to throw something into my bag quick and it was this skirt. Almost a frock. Does that count? ;-) Apparently so because generous people still donated xx

Woooo #frocktober the 21st and some lovely donors sponsored me today! 10 frocks to go https://frocktober.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby

Red, white, blue; patterns, shapes and yes, another photo of my frock which I purchased in Melbourne’s laneways a few years ago.

#Frocktober the 22nd and I am getting WCF - Wardrobe Coordination Fatigue! While my style might need a shakeup I'm so grateful for the donations https://frocktober.everydayhero.com/au/wonderwebby

Well, admittedly I’m feeling a little wardrobe-fatigued today, even if I’m wearing an Anthropologie dress and my grandmother’s necklace along to life drawing group. It took me twice as long to pull together an outfit today. A friend suggested it could be FROCK BLOCK! Haha. At least I know all of this coordinating and photo sharing is all for a great and very serious cause.

And to those who have been asking, no my wardrobe is not really very big at all! :) I’ve just been hanging onto frocks for two years for this fundraiser and they are squeezing together in my wardobe quite snugly! Honestly I usually live in my jeans especially when Melbourne is cold, but yes I do love my dresses too. Reality Nirvana Tuttle has a lot to answer for!


Creative Notes

This week my tiny letter (it’s like a newsletter, but more personal) was all about giving up. and not giving up. I dug a little deeper in what I wrote. Well, I lost a couple of subscribers. But I got more replies and feedback then ever before! I’m glad I held onto my idea. If you would like to subscribe and ready about bringing creativity back to life, simply add your email at http://tinyletter.com/wonderwebby.


That’s it from me, for now! I know this post jumped a bit here and there, but I just wanted to write a quick post about a few things on my mind this week. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Say  hi in the comments, I love hearing from you!


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